KBWD – 15 Pulse Width Modulated Whisper Drive

Products Description
The KBWD-15 pulse width modulated (PWM) DC motor speed control provides excellent dynamic response to load variations. The efficient PWM waveform produces an almost pure DC current to the motor (form factor < 1.05) which has several advantages over a conventional SCR control. The PWM significantly lowers audible motor noise and provides longer brush life. It also produces less motor heating which allows a smaller, less costly motor to be used for most applications. Another advantage of PWM is higher output voltage which provides increased output speed.

Standard Features
• Short circuit protection
• Electronic overload protection
• ED’s for “Power On” and “Overload (CL”)
• Under Voltage protection
• Tachometer/ Armature feedback
• Inhibit
• Barrier terminal block
• Plug-in horsepower resistor®
• RFI filtering

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