KBPC – 225 Variable Speed-Torque SCR DC Motor Control

Products Description
The KBPC Series of DC Drives consist of four models and is rated for 1/100 to 3 horsepower motors. These drives are housed in a NEMA 4X / IP 65 die-cast aluminium washdown/watertight enclosures for indoor or outdoor use. The exclusive Short Circuit and Timed Current Limit (TCL) circuitry prevents motor burnout and demagnetization of PM motors. Features, such as a selectable motor current, eliminates unnecessary calibration the of IR and CL trimpots. Other selectable features are: Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Current Range, Input Signal, Armature or Tachometer Feedback, and Tachometer Voltage. Trimpot adjustments include: MIN, MAX, ACCEL, DECEL, IR, CL and TCL. Standard features include an Armature fuse, Electronic Start-Stop, and diagnostic LED Indicator Array for “power on”, “stop” and “overload.” This drive also contains Auto Inhibit® which provides a smooth, safe start during rapid switching of the AC line.

Standard Features
• Electronic overload protection
• LED’s for “Power On,” Overload” and “Stop”
• Electronic start-stop

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