KBCC-255 Chassis Mount Variable Speed DC Motor Controls

Products Description
The KBCC-255 is designed for 5 horsepower DC Shunt and PM motors. It is built on a rugged aluminium chassis and utilizes the KBMM™ speed control. . The drive contains Direct-Fed™ CL that protects the SCR power bridge against shorts due to commutator arcing and prevents motor demagnetization. The unit contains a 42 Amp power bridge and both armature and control fusing, which enhance reliability. They include an armature or tach feedback, supplied Armature fuse and trimpots for MIN, MAX, IR Comp, CL, Linear ACCEL, DECEL, and a 5k ohm speed potentiometer. This drive also contains Auto Inhibit® which provides a smooth, safe start during rapid switching of the AC line.

Standard Features
• Built-in armature and control circuit fuses
• Trimpots: MIN, MAX, IR, CL, ACCEL, DECEL
• MOV transient protection
• Armature or tachometer feedback
• Voltage following
• Inhibit™ and enable circuit
• CL LED indicator

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