KBIC – Variable Speed DC Motor Controls

Products Description
The KBIC full-wave DC motor speed controls are designed for applications demanding excellent performance, high reliability and low cost. Although compact in size (only 4,30″ x 3.64″ x 1.25″), these controls offer better than 2% regulation over a 50:1 speed range. The controls are fabricated with components which have proven reliability, including MOV transient protection, which is used to protect the power bridge. Integrated circuitry is used to provide a non-complicated design with superior load and line voltage regulation. Electronic current limiting (CL) protects the motor and control against overloads by limiting the maximum level of output current.

Standard Features
• Plug-in horsepower resistor (see chart) allows a single model to be used on a wide range of motors
• MOV transient protection
• Trimpots: MIN, MAX, ACCEL, IR & CL
• Voltage following
• Inhibit™ and auto inhibit
• Dual voltage capable on 230V “D” and “DS” Models

Optional Features
• Auxiliary heatsink (P/N 9861) extends eating of basic control
• Barrier terminal accessory kit (P/N 9863)
• AC line & armature fuse kit (P/N 9849)
• Dial plate & knob kit (P/N 9832)

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