Alloy Worm Motor

Products Description
A alloy worm motor is a AC small motor collocated with an alloy right angle worm gearbox, which designed for a small space machine small space.

The length of the mechanical structure can be shortened by connecting a worm gear box to save space. You can choose a worm gear box with a single side output shaft or double side output shafts. Customers can also choose motors that meet UL, CE safety standards.
• Must be used with a alloy worm gearbox (GA Type).
• Suitable for shorten the length of the device structure.
• Alternative voltages and frequencies.
• Small size and easy to install and wiring.
• Transmission efficiency of worm Gear is about 50%
• Made in Taiwan with stable quality.

Specification Sheet
• Output: 40W ~ 90W.
• Voltage: Single-phase (capacitors necessary) or three phase.
• Need to equip with a alloy worm gear box.
• Options: Terminal Boxes
• Fan: 40W is optional, 60W and 90W are standard accessory.
• Can choose UL, CE marking motors.

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