Reversible Motor

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2RK / 3RK / 4RK / 5RK 【RK Type-K Series】
Reversible motor has a built-in simple brake so it can stop and switch the direction in relatively short time. Reversible motor is the suitable model for applications where the motor switches direction frequently. Reversible motors come in 6W up to 150W and can choose a gear box with a parallel shaft to reducer the output speed and increase the toruqe. Reversible motors have the same housing size as induction motors and are also classified into single-phase motors or three-phase motors, which are simple and easy to install.

Through the simple brake design, reversible motors are suitable for equipment of reversing its direction repeatedly but not continuous operation, such as sealing machine for food and drink cup, date coding machines, packaging equipment, and other equipment. You can also choose motors certified by UL or CE safety standards.
• Suitable for operating and frequently switching in different direction.
• Alternative voltages and frequencies.
• Small size and easy to install and wiring.
• Low noise, low temperature rise.
• Can be matched with a gear box to maintain a fixed speed, and the reduction ratio varies widely.
• Made in Taiwan with stable quality.

Specification Sheet
• Output: 6W ~ 150W.
• Voltage: Single-phase (capacitors necessary) or three phase.
• Options: Gear Boxes, Terminal Boxes, and Brake.
• Fan: 40W is optional, above 60W is standard accessory.
• Can choose UL, CE marking motors.
※ Notice: Reversible motors have 30 minutes rated time limited.

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