Torque Control Motor

Products Description
Torque Motor is a specialized form of induction motor which is capable of operating indefinitely while stalled. 60V for operating indefinitely; 60V above for short-time operating; 100V only for 5 minutes operating.
A common application of a torque motor would be the supply and take-up reel motor in a tape drive.
Motors allow a relatively constant light tension to the applied to the tape.
• Need to connect with USTK type torque controller.
• Easy installation by male and female connectors.
• Set and adjust the torque of single phase motors easily.
• Locked rotor operation is available.
• Torque is highest at zero speed and decreases steadily as speed increases.
• Under low speed and constraint, it can rotate steadily.
• Made in Taiwan.

Specification Sheet
• Output: 3W~40W
• Only single phase 110V 220V (capacitors necessary) is available.
• Options: Gear Boxes
• Fan: 10W 20W is optional
• Forced Fan: 40W is standard

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