Motor with Gear Box

Products Description

This is a AC small motor combined with a gearbox. The motor is from 6W to 150W, and is used with the gearbox. The standard ratio of gearbox is from 1/3 to 1/180. If the gearbox ratio does not meet the requirements, you can replace the gearbox simply.
The products are divided into single-phase motors equipped with capacitors or three-phase motors. The installation is simple and easy, so they are mostly installed in conveyor belt, packaging machine, food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, automation machinery and other equipment. You can also choose AC small motors certified by UL or CE standards.
• Alternative voltages and frequencies.
• The motor is matched with a gearbox to maintain a fixed speed, and the reduction ratio varies widely.
• The installation is simple and easy.

Specification Sheet
• Output of Motor: 6W ~ 150W.
• Voltage: Single-phase (capacitors necessary) or three phase AC power supply.
• GearBox: Ratio 1/3 ~ 1/180.
• Can install a decimal gearbox to get the highest ratio 1/1800.
• Options: Terminal boxes, brake.
• Fan: 40W is optional, above 60W is standard accessory.
• Can choose motors certified by UL, CE standards.

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