LVD Vertical Double Shaft Reducer

Products Description
LVD18 / LVD22 / LVD22B / LVD28 / LVD32 -【L Series】
The dual-shaft reducer can provide transmission through the gears of output shafts on both sides to reduce the output speed (Rpm) or increase the torque. Through the design of the leg mount, LVD Verticaldouble shaft reducer is convenient to be fixed on the base of the machine or the floor for transmission.
All gear boxes are under restricted inspection to ensure no oil leakage and stable operation. We use lightweight aluminium alloy material with high heat dissipation and adopt baking paint treatment so that the product is light and compact in design.
• Low noise and high torque.
• Grease anti-leakage design and no need to change grease.
• Using lightweight aluminium alloy with baking paint treatment.
• Made in Taiwan with stable quality.

Specification Sheet
• Ratio:3 ~ 200.
• Suitable Output:100W ~ 1500W (1/8HP ~ 2HP).
• Frame:18 / 22 / 28 / 32.
• Model:LVD Vertical Type.

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