Permanent-Magnet Brushed DC Motor

Products Description
D05 / D06 / D07 / D08 / D10 / D12 / D18
Permanent-magnet brushed DC motor is used to directly connect DC power supply or an AC power supply operated through a rectifier to operate the motor. DC brushed motor can install easy and control the output speed by adjusting voltage.
• Used in DC power supply.
• Simple wiring and concise appearance.
• Can perform CW / CCW.
• Motor can equip with a brake for positioning.
• You can choose to assemble a gear box or worm gear reducer to slow down the speed or increase the torque.

Specification Sheet
• Output power: 10W ~ 250W
• Voltage: DC12V, 24V, 90V, 180V
• Speed: 1800rpm can be operated continuously; 3000rpm has a 30-minute rated time limit.
   (Rated time means the motor must be stopped before limited time and can not use until cool down.)
• Gearbox: Option (The highest ratio is 1800).
• Brakes: Option.

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