LH Horizontal High Ratio Gear Motor

Products Description
LH22 / LH28 / LH32 / LH40 【L Series】
LH horizontal high ratio gear motor is an gearmotor connected with another gear box (reducer) to realize much higher reduction ratio. Through the design of the leg mount, that is convenient to be fixed on the base of the machine or the floor for transmission. You can select a brake assembly as brake gearmotor type, or the product certified by UL and CE specifications. Or high-efficiency motors IE3 level can also be specified now.
Through unique design and explicit quality inspection, our gear motors can perform in low noise, low temperature rise, and long lifetime. In addition, all gear boxes are under restricted inspection to ensure no oil leakage and stable operation. We use lightweight aluminium alloy with high heat dissipation and adopt baking paint treatment so that the product is light and compact in design.
• Can produce according to different voltages of countries.
• The helical gear realizes low noise by high precision machining.
• Grease anti-leakage design and no need to change grease.
• Using lightweight aluminium material (except LH40) with baking paint treatment.
• Integrated structure and small size.
• Products with high efficiency motors can be selected.
• Applied in packaging machine, food machine, automation equipment, conveyor system, CNC machine, auto feeder and other industries.
• Made in Taiwan with stable quality.

Specification Sheet
• Output: 100W ~ 400W (1/8HP ~ 1/2HP)
• Standard Ratio: 250~1800.
• Voltage: Single-phase (capacitors necessary) or three phase.
• Optional Accessories: Brake installation.
• Can choose high-efficiency motor or products certified UL or CE.
• Model Composition: High ratio gearmotors, high ratio gearmotors with brake.

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