Speed Control Motor

Products Description
The speed of single phase motor can be adjusted by speed controller.
• Motor speed can be easily set with the potentiometer on the front panel of the controller.
• Speed Control motor can be operated just easily connecting the power supply and controller through user-friendly connector.
• The application of speed control motor is often used in automation machine, packing machine, food machine, conveyor belt equipment, furniture, medical equipment etc.
• Need to connect with UX / US type speed controller.
• Easy installation by male and female connectors.
• Set and adjust the speed of single phase motors easily.
• Coating housing.
• Low temperature rise, low noise.
• Made in Taiwan.

Specification Sheet
• Output: 6W~150W
• Global Power Supply Voltages: Only single phase (capacitors necessary) is available.
• Speed control range:
90~1350 rpm/ min(50Hz)
90~1600 rpm/ min(60Hz)
Note 1: Speed control range is under no-loading environment.
Note 2: Three-phase motor is required to operate with inverter.
• Options: Gear Boxes, Terminal Boxes
• Fan: 40W is optional, above 60W is standard accessory.
• Can choose UL, CE marking motors.

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