KBCC 240D – Chassis Mount Penta Drive

Products Description
The KBCC-240D DC drive is rated for 1/100 to 2 horsepower motors. The exclusive Short Circuit and Timed Current Limit (TCL) circuitry prevents motor burnout and demagnetization of PM motors. Included is jumper selectable motor current that eliminates unnecessary calibration the of IR and CL trimpots. Other selectable features are: Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Current Range, Input Signal, Armature or Tachometer Feedback, and Tachometer Voltage. Trimpot adjustments include: MIN, MAX, ACCEL, DECEL, IR, CL and TCL. Standard features include an Armature fuse, Electronic Start-Stop, and diagnostic LED Indicator Array for “power on”, “stop” and “overload.” This drive also contains Auto Inhibit® which provides a smooth, safe start during rapid switching of the AC line.A 5k ohm potentiometer is included.

Standard Features
• Electronic overload protection
• Built-in armature fusing
• LED’s for Power On, “Overload ” and “Stop”
• Electronic start stop

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