KBPB – Variable Speed

Products Description
The KBPB™ “cycler” control is designed to provide anti-plug “Instant” reversing, solid state dynamic braking and rapid cycling. It combines all of the features of the KBMM™ speed control with the features of the KB APRM®. Contact arcing is eliminated since the APRM® allows armature switching to take place only when current levels are near zero. The KBPB contains a built-in barrier terminal block and its compact size makes the control ideal for installation where space is at a premium.

Standard Features
• Plug-in horsepower resistor
• Built0in AC line fuse (included), armature fuse (distributor supplied)
• Trimpots: MIN, MAX, IR, CL, ACCEL, DECEL and Aux. speed
• Auto inhibit®, inhibit™ and enable
• MOV transient protection
• Voltage following
• Tachometer or armature feedback

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