KBPS – 240D Power Supply

Products Description
The KBPS-240D DC power supply is designed for general purpose applications where a fixed voltage is required. The unit is quite versatile since it contains two separate isolated outputs, each rated at 200 mA DC, which can be used as independent power supplies or in series with a center taps for 1 +15, -15 VDC supply. The output can also be connected in series for a 30 VDC supply – and by utilizing separate isolation diodes, the supplies can be wired in parallel to provide a 400 mA single output. The KBPS is powered from a standard 50/60 Hz AC supply which is jumper selectable for either 115 or 230 VAC.

Standard Features
• Provides isolated dual or center tapped outputs
• Operates on 115/230 VAC – 50/60 Hz
• Built-in fuses and LED power “ON” indicators

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