HITACHI High-Efficiency Motors

Products Description
Global standard

• Conformity to JIS C 4213 (Japan) [Efficiency class: IEC60034-30 Premium efficiency class (IE3)
• Compare to the standard motors, iron core shape is improved and material quality is raised
• Motor loss is reduced 30~40%
• This improvement realizes higher efficiency when compared with the standard motors
Long motor life
• The temperature of stator coil has been decreased at 10~20°C under a retionalization design and a high cooling effect for an electric part
• The coil insulation is achieved two times longer on operation life compared with the standard motor
• The bearings are also 2.5 times longer on operation life
• The operation life changes depending on operation conditions
 Inverter operation is also available (1:10 or 1:20 constant torque)
• 0.4~1.5kW 4P is available to operate with 1:10(6~60Hz) speed under 100% constant torque operation using the inverters (in case the sensorless vector inverters are used) 1:20 (3~60Hz) is also available with the special design motors. These motors are adopted durable insulation system with advanced technology
Furthermore benefit
• Low noise and vibration can be realized with advanced technologies
Operational cost saving
• Considering the operation cost under long term period, the best idea is to adopt the high efficiency motors
• The point is just not to consider the initial cost of motor but overall cost including long term operation


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